Adds a Kenworth T800 Tri-axle to the store for purchase
Revamped from V1.0
Massive model rework to maintain overall quality and drastically reduce poly count
Changed a lot of things that I personally didnt like, and some problems that had been pointed out by testers. (Huge thx to Xentro and doc3d for all the help and pointers!!)
Revamped collision model
Better sound
Changed beacon lights (wasnt a fan of the original way to “flashy” lol )
Changed winch model
Changed chains and load-binders to be of much higher quality
Streamlined and updated .xml
Minor re-texturing on a few things
Redid lights for higher quality
Added better lightbar both rear and top

For the original model outline: Ivan Polarexpress17 Bay0net Eclipse Colonel Redbull Trucker Steve pete379jp Jaden


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  1. Adrian says:

    Hello, creator of this mod I want to ask you a question as to install this mod? since I download it and extract it put in mods folder and not grasped and I’m doing well because you download other mods and if I work … then what happens?

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