New Features in Farming Simulator 2017


The long awaited farming simulator 17 is about to make it into the market this month with lots of newly added features. With the added features in this game, players will enjoy full scale mechanized farming just with clicks on their mouse. The first feature you should know about this game is that it is going to be available not just in Xbox and PlayStation 4 but also on PC. So, you can control the machineries, tools your animals just with the help of your mouse or joystick. For your animal husbandry, this game is coming with added animal breed to enhance your farming experience.

The Deeper Transportation Machineries in Farming Simulator 17

The new features in farming simulator 17 are in different modes and aspects of the game. The transportation system is now made deeper with the addition of several drivable trains. Some of the heavy giants that come as added features in this game are strong enough to carry many cargos which may contain several farming items like seeds and crops as well as fresh goods. For the woodcutting aspect, you will need to cut some logs and transport them to the farm and you can do that with the newly added transportation machineries.

Enjoy Interesting Animal Husbandry through Added Animal Breeds

The animal husbandry modes of this game equally come with lots of new features. Some added animal breeds include rosters, pigs and others. These animal breed were not found in the formal version of this game but now included in the 17 version. So, you will have large range of animal breeds to select from for your mechanized animal husbandry.

Take Your Faming To another Level through Oodles of Farming Tools

You will enjoy wide range of choices from farming vehicles and other machineries brands. Among the new features in farming simulator 2017 mods come more than 250 new vehicles, 75 brands and others.

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