Stroholm V 2.1 Neue BGA Map

– Biogasanlange v 1.0 Beta 3, crane not in function! (Manuel,
– Fattening systems V 5.0
– Cattle Market V 2.0
– New silage silos at Kuhhof
– Prices anpepasst: straw, grass, hay, slurry and manure remain stable!
– Possibility chips abzukippen with a shovel into the CHP has been added
– Only 28 fields (86.5 hectares of arable land)
– Animated horses
– Distant Hills
– New PDA
– More trees
– Circus now buys bales and loose straw / hay
Fixed –
– Adapted clover and lucerne yields: chop with XDisc or EasyFlow, can be used as green manure, grow back!
– Sunflowers with Combines Harvesting (own ChoppedStraw Layer installed!), Or chop for BGA
– Headers with adapted feed particle systems attached!
– ChoppedStraw and GMK textures new
– Prepared for placeable washer (in the vehicle.xml registered)
– Prepared for placeable workshop – Hard Point Extension (in the vehicle.xml registered)
+ Changed all the trees

– Multifruit im LS 15 Standard aus der MIG-Map (Bullgore)
– Multifruit-Texturen (Eribus)
– Frucht-Texturen (Eribus)
– Futterrüben-Textur (BloKKmonsTa187)
– Gras-Textur (Richard)
– Multifruit-Script (Jakob Tischler, upsidedown)
– Bodentexturen (ZeFir), (Geneborg)
– Klee, Luzerne, Sonnenblumen – Texturen (Geneborg)
– Gülle Mist Kalk – Texturen (Geneborg)
– Schweinemast, Rindermast (Script: Marhu, Gebäude: dtmaster)
– Unterstand (mailman)
– WaterMod (Marhu)
– Gülle Mist Kalk Mod (Marhu, Kolbenfresser, Hatzfan)
– ChoppedStraw (webalizer)
– ChoppedStraw und GMK-Texturen (LifadxD und Trax)
– MapSiloBand (Marhu)
– Manual Barrier (Blacky_BPG)
– Lagerhalle (mariodieck)
– Pferde (Luculus)
– Unkraut Mod (upsidedown)
– Hühnermast mit animierten Giants Chicks (Script: Marhu, Gebäude: Farmer_Andy)
– AnimationMapTrigger (Xentro)
– BGA-Abladestelle (Steinklopfer)
– alte Scheune (pawian)
– Kompostieranlage (Script: Marhu, Gebäude: Farmer_Andy)
– neue BGA (Manuel,
– Distant Hills (112TEC|schwaki)
– Multifrucht Schneidwerke (Holger & Stefan,

Stroholm_entpacken.rar – 358.6 MB

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