ZDT Rm33 Und Mc 186 V 1.0

Rm 33 manure
MC 186 lime, fertilizer

Universal spreader on the device.
3 horizontal milling drums.
The possibility of closing and metering – guillotines – prevents leakage of thin manure during transport.
Possibility of electro-hydraulic shift control gout.

Max. Length 10560
Max. 2550
Max. Height supers 3545
Max. Height of the bracket from the ground 310-720
Length of loading area 7230
Platform width 1990/2040
Floor height 1760
Volume (m³) 18
Weight (kg)

Standby 9950
useful permitted 23050
allowed extensions 17050/17050 useful
Overall max. 33000/27000



Orginal Link: Download mod
Uploadfiles: ZDT_pack.zip – 16.5 MB

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